barby-ledesma-outsmart-magazineIt was witnessing the massive amount of discrimination that the transgender community faces each day that gave Barby García Ledesma the courage to join the Organización Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT). She has served on the organization’s board since March, helping to plan the group’s monthly meetings—which include group discussions and guest speakers—as well as coordinating volunteer and special events. “I’m transsexual and very proud!” Ledesma says. “As humans, I believe that we are all worth the same and no one should be discriminated against [because of] gender, race, color, or sexual orientation.” Through her work with OLTT, Ledesma hopes to provide other trans people with an outlet to relieve the frustration they feel as a result of discrimination. “Come to us and offer your time and resources,” Ledesma advises those looking to get involved. “We need a place where our members can go to seek help—whether it be medical, legal, or even psychological.” As a creative outlet, Ledesma also takes music lessons


Honoring LGBTQ Hispanic Leaders